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Coffeyville 1909


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New York Times / Sept. 13, 1885

dancerBISBEE, Arizona, Sept. 12. -- Last Thursday night a fight occurred in a gambling house here in which an unknown Mexican, who was the aggressor, was worsted. He left the place after the row and was not seen again until about 4:30 o'clock Friday morning, when he made his appearance with a repeating rifle and a belt of cartridges. When he arrived there were about 40 men in the saloon, and the Mexican, who was on the sidewalk, commenced shooting indiscriminately into the crowd. His first shot struck Dave Hickey in the jaw. The next struck James Kehoe in the left cheek bone, went through to his neck, and ranged downward into his back. It is not expected that he will recover. George Soles received the next shot through the left shoulder, but it is not thought the wound is fatal. Jack Welch received a shot in the foot, the bullet coming out at his heel. Another shot just grazed the elbow of Frank Gardiner. The Mexican fired 15 shots into the saloon in rapid succession. After cleaning out this saloon be went further up the street and fired two shots into Pierce's saloon and two more into Curtin's saloon, and then disappeared into the cañon. As he was leaving a soldier fired four shots at him without effect. No steps were taken to capture the assassin until daybreak, when citizens started in search. About 9 o'clock he was found in a Mexican house in bed, a Mexican woman putting wet cloths upon his face, which had been cut. After getting all the evidence that was necessary, a rope was procured and the assassin was taken up the cañon and­ hanged to a tree.



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